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Monthly Highlight: Post-Halving Era, KuCoin Continues Global Expansion


In May, while Bitcoin completed its third halving and the crypto world celebrated the anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day, KuCoin continued its globalization.

We launched the Canadian dollar (CAD) OTC market this month, which supports the Canadian dollar for directly purchasing cryptocurrencies. We also added 11 fiat currency channels through Simplex, which makes it easier for users around the world to purchase crypto assets. As of now, we support 33 fiat currencies for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

In addition to continuously expanding the fiat currency channel, we are also actively working to expand the influence of the blockchain. We have launched the “Gold Rush” Super Referral Program, hoping that the majority of crypto enthusiasts can participate in our global brand promotion and user growth, which in turn will help to promote and popularize cryptocurrency to the mainstream world.

In order to enhance the influence of KuCoin in the crypto derivatives market and provide the world’s top futures trading experience to its users, the KuCoin Futures team decided to rebrand the platform. After the rebranding, KuCoin Futures will continue to focus on technology, providing new features, and launching more futures products.

Please find more news about KuCoin for the month of May below.

1. KuCoin Spot Trading Platform

1.1 Crypto-to-Crypto Trading

*Four new tokens were listed on KuCoin: Sylo (SYLO), Blockstack (STX), LUKSO (LYXe), and Neutrino Dollar (USDN). As of the end of May, KuCoin supports 254 tokens.

*Eight new trading pairs were added: SENSO/BTC, DGB/USDT, LYXe/ETH, LYXe/USDT, XDB/BTC, STX/BTC, STX/USDT, and USDN/USDT. As of the end of May, KuCoin supports 442 trading pairs.

*BTC Halving Event: Come to Gain Massive Rewards! Click for details

*To celebrate our partnership with Dash and the integration of Dash’s InstantSend feature, KuCoin and Dash launched the “Deposit to Win DASH!” Campaign exclusively. Click for details

*Celebrated the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day with KuCoin! Click for details

*LUKSO (LYXe) Listing Campaign: Welcome to Your Digital Life with 42,000 LYXe to Give Away! Click for details

*The following blockchain activities were supported: NUSD Repurchase, One Ledger (OLT) Mainnet Token Swap.

1.2 Margin Trading

*To celebrate the BTC halving, Borrow at Margin With Ultra-Low Interest! Click for details

*Enjoy the Benefits of Margin Trading, Get Your Share of 5000 USDT! Click for details

1.3 Fiat Gateways

*KuCoin Adds Support for Purchasing Crypto With 11 Fiat Currencies. Users are now able to buy crypto using Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), Nigerian Naira (NGN), Singapore Dollar (SGD), New Taiwan Dollar (TWD), Bulgarian Lev (BGN), Brazilian Real (BRL), Moroccan Dirham (MAD), Romanian Leu (RON), Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) and Mexican Peso (MXN) on the Simplex platform, along with the 22 fiat currencies already supported! Click for details

*KuCoin Launches Canada OTC Market, Up to 10K USDT to Give Away! Click for details